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Hi Everyone there!!! My brother buyed a 2016 crashed ZX10R to race in a Argentinian Championship, the bike was OK in the important things (only plastics, the ESD and the Gauge Meter where damaged)

that bike was tuned for a guy who started to work for another team and i can´t espect any information of him, then i have to start from Zero point (and knowing nothing of ZX10r) mi brother won the last championship with Yamaha R6...

ive readed a lot of good things about this bike and when we put the bike on track it was amazing how do she ran but... we had a broken dash and we only can see tachometer working.

the last week i received a new dash and when i put it i could see "EFI light ON", "Advertise LIGHT ON", Power mode BLINKING" and ESD blinking (i know that ESD blinking is because in the crash the ESD Servo motor was lost but i have installed a new MANUAL SD from ohlins)

the most important thing now is that i can´t selec nay power modes because is blinking, i cant erase the fault codes because i have no scanner and i am 1600Km away from any garage then i have to do all by myself!

the original owner toldme that te bike has a RACE ECU (i dont know if it is really a race ECU i dont know how to identify it) but he gave me the stock ecu too that is all that i know about the tuning made to the bike

maybe with a little help from u we can win this year too
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