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This is a non reversible mod, as you will be trimming the hugger. Although it will make it easier to take your hugger off when giving the bike a good wash to allow access to the inner face of the swinging arm etc. No more spending half an hour with a small hex key or even worse having to take the wheel out to get the hugger off!

Parts needed:
1x rubber wellnut and matching screw. (like the ones in your screen)

1x flattened P-clip/hose clip (will already have two holes in it) or a thick
feeler blade gauge with a second hole drilled into it, or something similar.

As you can see from the pics its fairly simple, just trim the hugger flush to the swingarm and once the homemade bracket is in place line it up and drill a corresponding hole in the hugger near the brake hose clip one. As you can see from the pics there is plenty of clearance so no need to worry about the tyre :thumbsup:

View attachment 40895

View attachment 40896

View attachment 40897

View attachment 40898

View attachment 40899

And there you have it; easy on, easy off :wink:
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