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I know that there are a couple how-to's about this but there has been some confusion with some members including myself on how to install the 1/5 throttle insert. Here is how I did it.

Tools needed:
- Phillips screwdriver
- Dremel tool
- Dikes

The tabs inside the top throttle housing need to be ground out. I used a dremel tool.

The lock nuts on the throttle cables need to be cut off. I used a pair of dikes. ****FOR SOME PEOPLE THIS DOES NOT NEED TO BE DONE****

If you have a gap in the housing after it is bolted together more adjustment is needed on the acceleration cable (top throttle cable). The throttle grip will also be slow to return from WOT.

Unbolt the throttle housing. Threads on the acceleration cable will have to be cut to allow the adjuster to screw all the way in. I used a dremel tool be very careful not to cut into the throttle cable.

Bolt the housing together; keep in mind the above steps to bolt the housing together properly.

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