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How to replace cluster speedometer cover case?

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On my 2014 Gen 4 ZX-10R ABS I have a cracked glass in my case of my speedometer/rpm gauge cluster. I ordered a new case that would replace it, but not sure how to get it removed. Do I have to take part the entire front end to unscrew it, unplug and replace the case? Anyone have any step buy step pictures or video on how to replace this case for the speedometer/tach/rpm gauge/etc?
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You can see parts diagrams at:
Kawasaki Motorcycle Parts 2014 ZX1000JEF Ninja ZX-10R METER(S) Diagram
Kawasaki Motorcycle Parts 2014 ZX1000JEF Ninja ZX-10R COWLING Diagram

You can find the service manual here. The "Meter Unit" removal/installation is 16-66.
Kawasaki Service Repair Manual Download

The service manual seems to suggest taking apart the front cowling. Not sure if it's entirely necessary. Part #11056 looks like it might come off once the mirrors are out of the way and the bolts holding it to the intake are out. I did the meter case swap on my Gen 2, and the screws holding the meter to the bracket are hard to get at without taking most of the front end off. You might get away without if you have a good stubby screwdriver.
You're going to have to disassemble and remove the entire front cowl to get to the screws holding the cluster on. The headlight assembly is in the way of the screws holding the cluster on. Once it's off and unplugged, then you should be able to unscrew the case and replace it.
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