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This is my first how to, another member posted a thread asking how, so I replied to his thread, and also will make this one for anyone wondering, and misses his thread. If a mod could move this to the HOW TO. I'm not able to post there. There maybe already another thread like this one, I'll admit, I didn't even search,Sorry, but some people do things different than others.

If any of my information is incorrect, or you would like to add to, please let me know. I'm not afraid of admitting I done something wrong.

Thank you & I hope this helps.

STEP 1:​
Remove windscreen & windscreen bolts. I didn't take a picture to upload because I have faith you know where these are. :thumbsup:

STEP 2:​
The are 2 screws in the area in behind the cluster where the arrows are pointed. They are Phillips head screws & they are silver

Once those are removed.

STEP 3:​

Look underneath the fairing, there is 1 screw here.

Now, you may to pop loose the side fairings, which are black in my case, where the black and the red meet to get you to the next step

STEP 4:​

There is a screw on each side, which are kind of a pain to get to, but after enough cussing, bending, and throwing screwdrivers like I did, they will come out.

If you have any further questions, I'll do my best to answer

Hope this helps
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