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Sorry the pictures aren't great but I didn't see a how-to for this so I thought I would add one.

I can't imagine spending money on something if you can do it yourself for cheap. I didn't want to spend a ton on integrated tail light blinkers and a fender eliminator so I took 1 hour out of my day and came up with this.

Side note- I took all the pictures a day after I made the eliminator so the little blinkers are already installed in the pics.

For blinkers and tag light, I used amber led pods and a white led bar. ($30 for all three)

First off, you don't want to leave your tail section flapping in the breeze so you need to use all four mounting points that your stock fender assembly used. So I decided to use the stock assembly and go from there.

I started by removing the whole assembly and cutting the wires to the blinkers one at a time and labeling each left or right and then cut the tag light wire. Then I used my air grinder to cut the stock fender assembly above the stock tag light and along the sides to thin out the whole assembly.

I used a exacto knife to clean up the cuts because the air grinder made a mess. Then I mounted the tag light to the tag itself with a couple small machine screws with large washers on the back of them so it set on top of the tag. (I didn't drill through the tag I just clamped it on the top of the tag with the washers)

I mounted the assembly back up and held the tag up, marked the assembly and drilled two hole to mount the tag.

Then I used two pieces of thin gauge steel (approx. 3 inches long by 1 inch high) and bent them in half to about 125 degrees to mount the small amber LED blinkers. I drilled one hole at one end to mount it to the stock assembly and two holes on the other to mount the led. I used the stock reflector hole to attach the blinker mount.

Then I used my multimeter to find the hot wires and hooked all the wires up. And mounted the tag. Bam...a $30 fender eliminator. The tag covers the cuts in the back and the blinkers cover the side so you can't even see the cut plastic. My buddies all thought It was store bought until I told them I made it.

Here is a rearward shot with the right blinker on. The LEDS do not stick out far but are very visible.

Sorry for the picture quality, but my camera took a crap and my buddies camera is low res. I will try to get a pic of the back of the bike in daylight out side because these pictures do not do it justice. It looks really good in person.

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