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So, I went ahead and bought Soupy's Adjustable Lowering Links. I know I had asked about them and alternatives before, but I knew I wouldn’t be happy if I bought the fixed lengths, even if they had multiple holes. Anyways, I received them today and they are a pretty sweet part! They’re pretty thick too, so I have no doubts about their strength, they feel very tough and very durable and are definitely made out of quality materials. Must say, they were even better than I expected! The threads for the hex body are steel and I have no doubts about strength there either. I would for sure recommend them to anyone to use. Also, Mike is a real standup guy to deal with. He is the owner of the company and I spent plenty of time emailing back and forth with him and he talked me through all the information I need to get the proper part. And the best part, $14 shipping that had insurance and tracking, I ordered on Friday, they were at my door today, Monday morning. For anyone, their website is www.soupysperformance.com, go ahead and check them out. They have a bunch of other stuff, like adjustable kickstands and raising links.

I have to give credit for getting me through this install to busaforhire as well. Here's his how-to. http://www.zx-10r.net/forum/showthread.php?t=11637

Tools you need are : Allen wrenches to remove the lower fairing, 14mm wrench/socket, 17mm wrench/socket, rear stand and a floor jack.

Also, if you do not feel comfortable working on your bike, please take it to a mechanic or have an experienced friend on site to assist you. I’m sharing my experience, but I cannot replace good old-fashioned know-how and am not responsible if something goes wrong.

Step 1: Put the bike up on the stand and remove the lower fairings. My bike doesn't have lower fairings because I swapped to GP shift and such and haven’t had them on the bike for almost 2 months. If you haven’t done GP shift, do it, it rocks! To get the lowers off, there are 3 Allen screws on the left and 3 on the right. There are also 2 larger bolts, one on either side, towards the rear of the bike by the rearsets. Once you remove all of the bolts, you will also need to slide the tabs that insert into the Mid-Fairings out to remove the lowers. Personally, I'd leave them as one piece and slide it from underneath the bike, but you can split them as well by removing the push pins.

Step 2: After the Lowers are off the bike, you’re going to take the 17mm wrench and 14mm wrench and place it on the nuts for the Lowering Links. On my bike, the 17mm was on the kickstand side and the 14mm was on the exhaust side. Break those loose and loosen them up a bit and remove the nuts.

Step 3: Please the floor-jack underneath the shock. YOU NEED TO BE VERY CAREFUL AT THIS POINT!!!! IF YOU JACK IT TOO HIGH, IT WILL FALL OFF OF THE STAND!!!! You need to slowly jack the shock up. As you do this, you are removing the load from the shock and unbinding the bolts that hold the links in place.

Go slowly and eventually the bolts will slide out nice and easy, as will the stock Links. The kickstand side will come off fairly easily because those links just slide over the spacers and are held on by the nut. The exhaust side, you will need to slide the spacers towards the kickstand side to allow enough room for the bolts to slide out, as they are pretty long.

Step 4: Now put on your new Soupy’s Lowering Links with the bolts you just took out. To install them, place the flat sides against the mounting points. The part with the well is where the nut will recede into. It’ll make more sense with the part in front of you. You slide each bolt in from the exhaust side and slide the link on the other side and put the nut on. You then tighten down the nut in the same way that you loosened them.

Step 5: Lower the jack down to place the load back on the shock. After the load is back on the shock and the jack is removed, recheck the bolts to make sure they are still tight. At this point, you’ll have the bike on just the rear stand as you did when you started.

You’re done with the install at this point. You can adjust the links to a desired height or take the bike off of the rear stand and adjust it, or just go ride. Once you take it off the stand, I recommend rechecking the bolts again. As always, a little loc-tite can be useful, but is not needed.

These would be the lengths you need to adjust the lowering links for a particular height drop. The stock Lowering Links, center to center, is 18.5cm and the conversion is 2.54cm = 1 inch.

Measurements are from the center of one hole to the next.

I haven’t changed the length my links were when I received them and I am sitting at 5-10mm drop in the rear and dropped the forks ~11mm and this is what it looks like.

Just an extra side note, I went ahead and carved in a recognizable symbol in each hex body so I would know that the 2 were the same length with my dremel. Nothing fancy, just an X that wouldn't be replicable by regular road wear and easy to spot.

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