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Do NOT think that you will go out and slap on a fender eliminator quickly on this bike. The install of the Graves FE took me all of 2 hours to complete. Mind you, I didn't know what I had to remove to get everything off, but still. It will take you at least 45 minutes to do this using my how-to.

Even though the install was a pain, I must say that the product is very high quality and it looks amazing!

That ugly thing hanging off the back needs to go...

The goods:

First thing you need to do is remove the passenger seat.

Remove the plate bolts and the frame and plate drops off.

Remove the 4 silver bolts you see here with a 4mm allen key and slide off the tail section. The rear section comes up and the front slides back out from under the front seat.

Remove these 2 bolts for the seat:

To remove the small, painted pieces from the tail, first pop in these push-clips:

Then loosen these bolts and remove:

The undertail needs to be loosened as well. It will not come out yet. Push-clips are underneath

Now for the fun stuff... Think small thoughts here to make your hands smaller.:crackup: These are the bolts that hold the 2 outer "bars" of the stock fender on. They are under the tool kit and wiring harness. I unplugged the tail light to get more access.

These are the things that hold the "bars" in.

Start working on the outer part of the stock fender eliminator by removing these bolts:

By undoing those 2 bolts above, the fender kind of folds down and you can start to see how the wiring is ran.

The center "bar" of the fender eliminator is held on by a bolt directly behind the tail light. This "bar" also houses the wires for the stock fender.

You can now slide down the undertail for more room to pull the wires through from the trunk.

Unplug your signals and tag light to start pulling them through the stock fender:

Remove the stock fender, leaving the "bars" up there for now.

Now pull the stock bars out of there.

All empty:

To remove the stock turn signals from the stock fender, there is a small bolt on the inside and then a metal backing plate can be pulled out. This plate acts like a lock for the signal.Turn signal half way out:

Now you can start assembling the Graves unit. First install the signals in their holes:

The new "bars" are much shorter and black too!

All assembled and ready to be installed:

The "bars" should now slide up into their factory holes in the undertail pretty snug and just kind of hang out there while you push the signal wires back up through the factory hole:

Tighten everything up and admire your work! Make sure you note that the undertail has a big lip on it that slides into the tail light. If you forget to line this up, like I did, you will have to pull it all back apart again to get it into the lip...

All done!

Daytime pics:


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