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Just thought I'd share this... been endlessly searching for a 4k rattle (spent hours reading every thread on the subject) but to no avail.

In the process of trying to find it my bike has lost every other little noise, with the best ones being my front end

If your ZX rattles over bumps on the front end, for me anyhow it was the little plastic hoops on front fender that hold brake lines. I just put epoxy on all 3 and the front end doesn't make a single sound now.

Other thing was slight brake 'clatter' on slow speed braking, this was caused by the plates on back of pads rattling, just took off, bent them a little to add more spring and now brakes are silent.

Last thing to do is find the 4k rpm rattle, not ignition, not fairing, not wiring looms, no loose clips... im almost beaten grrrrrrr
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