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Here it is guys… handed to you on a silver platter ……
How to de-restrict the Gen 4 ZX10R for free !!



We discovered this when a close friend bought a 2012 ZX10R earlier this year…. I have not had any other Gen 4 model in my shop prior to this…. Otherwise I would have shared it sooner.

If anyone wants a pre-made kit already made up, I can do it for $25.00 plus shipping. (I do have to pay someone to package it ) :smile:
C'mon guys, you can do this yourselves !!

This would include the following:

(1) Wire with proper terminals already attached
(2) Matching terminals for wire (Like the ones shown in the photos)
(3) Special crimper pliers for the terminals
(4) An instruction sheet

I have chosen to give this to you guys and turn over a new leaf with ZX10R.net.... :thumbsup:

So I will start with a kind gesture of this gift to all of you with a Gen 4 model. :smile:

Thanks again for your past business, :thumbsup:



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