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Since I installed the kit ECU,I raised the rev limiter to 14.000 rpms and I soon realised that the stock shift light was not only invisible in day light,but it can't be adjusted over 13000 rpms also... So the need for an extra shift light made me looking around,I found one on german ebay but that runs parallel with the stock one so it wasn't any good...

Kawasaki sells one that is supposed to work with the kit ECU+ race harness+ kit dash,but that's damn expencive I think it cost 450 $ or something... Plus I'm using the bike everyday on the street and I need lights etc...

Enough with the prologue,:mrgreen: after carefully studing the wiring diagrams I was almost sure it can be done with the stock harness with very little modification...

So I purchased a 6W white led with housing,ready to be connected to a +12 V supply, and quite cheap,I got it from HERE

It says AC in the title but it's probably a mistake,it works with DC automotive currents...

After that the installation is pretty straight forward,using a posi-tap I connected the red wire from the led to a switched +12 V on the bike,I taped mine to the red wire that goes to one of the small lamps that are above the headlights ( I don't know what they're called sorry) :badteeth:
The black wire ( ground) has to be extended and using the proper terminal it has to be connected to PIN 50 in the RACE ECU. Pin 50 is located in the GREY PLUG and it is normally used for the λ sensors on the EU models,on US models it's unused.

Below is a wiring diagram showing the connection,I got this from the race manual and it's for the race harness+ original dash. That's why it's showing the shift light connected to pin 50 with R/Bl wire,but on the sub-harness I'm using+ stock harness pin 50 is unused.

direct link for full size


Then you open the FItool software and adjust the rpms you want it to light up,it has different settings for each gear,it doesn't blink it's lighting continuously above that threshold...

Here is the result,this led I chose is for daytime use only,if this thing lights up on your face at night you'll probably lose consciousness :crackup: :crackup:, no kiding it's very very bright I wouldn't recommend using it during the night at least not directly to your face,maybe partially covered with some duct tape :badteeth:

I'll post some more detailed pictures next time I lift the tank :hello: Big thanks to the guys that host the manuals so we can have access to these info. :eek:ccasion1:eek:ccasion1:eek:ccasion1

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