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I know its not a Kawi, i thought maybe you guys would enjoy my first street bike project. Im actually thinking about adding a 04 zx10r to the stable and compete on it in a swb class.

Anyways here is how my summer went on my bike. Bought my GSX-R 1000 K7 in May this year. And just got my motorcycle license two months earlier. I bought a CBR 954 as my first street bike when i got my license and then bought a 2007 GSX-R 600 that was turned into a street fighter but decided to sell both of those bikes and get a more powerful bike and ended up buying the K7 1000. Btw i have been riding motocross bikes for 10 years but this was my first year on streetbikes

so here is a picture show with some comments about how my summer was on the bike, modified it quite a lot. Got it with just a slip on exhaust with a cat delete. went from mid 10s to low 9s in the 1/4 mile. And the bike is still a stock motor on pump gas

Modding some more over the winter and aiming for 8s next season :)

hope you guys enjoy

The bike when i got it. Only mod was a yoshi slipon and cat removed

Took it to a track and had some fun

almost went down there, did a nice drift and managed to save it

600 mile roadtrip

me and the bike, pretty happy with how it performs at that point

trying it out at the 1/4 mile , think i went [email protected] first time out

Trying to keep the front end down

competing at an 1/8 mile event

me vs a friend on a R1 , a win for me

At a track day, a guy on a supermoto fell and broke is leg in a couple of places

Installing a BMC filter

another day at the 1/4 mile , ive dropped the front forks a bit there

Getting a bit better [email protected]

putting under a Michelin power pure

Downtown Reykjavík(capitol of Iceland)

Soupys adjustable lowering links

the bike lowered a bit

Trying it out at the 1/4 mile

Trying to keep it down

Heating the tires

Still having a hard time keeping the front down

My best time of the day, [email protected] so close to 9s !

got second place that day

Time to mod some more. MPS Spyder dry nitrous system(30 shot)

9" swingarm extensions, 150 link 530 chain and longer brake line

Installing the swingarm extensions

Ready but the bike is still pretty high

more mods Vortex 16(-1) front sprocket and Bazzaz Z-Fi fuel controller + Bazzaz Quickshifter

Getting ready to install the MPS nitrous and Bazzaz

MPS Spraybar mounted

Trying to find the best place for the solenoid and nitrous lines

Trying out the nitrous/spraybar

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Bazzaz installed

But then there was a major problem. The previous owner had screwed up when changing plugs and one of them was stuck in the head. So we tried to get it out with no luck and needed to pull the motor out to get the head of, Did that in two nights since there was a 1/4 mile competition coming up

Unplugging and getting all the electronics out of the way

Motor out

Doesnt look like much but sure is fun

The head

stupid spark plag that caused all this trouble

Cycle concepts drag pak clutch

Had a 1/4 mile competition the next day so we reused the old headgasket since there were none available in the country and would take 1 week to get a new one

head ready to back on

Motor back in

At the track the next day. First time trying out the new setup and was convinced that something would go wrong

But the bike performed nicely and nothing went wrong. Ran a [email protected] without nitrous. Did try the nitrous out but couldnt hook on the regular road tire but did trap about 154mph

Bought a shinko hookup

time to go over the clutch, putting in the Cycle concepts drag pak

Soaking the fibers before installing

At the 1/4 mile again

Need to shorten the kickstand so i dont have to park on a rock everytime i stop lol

Had some problems, the left side fairings broke lose during one of the run and ripped of. So i removed the rest so i could make some runs

doesnt look pretty but she was still delivering

My best times of that day [email protected] all motor and [email protected] with a 30 shot

new rear sprocket to help with the launch 46 T(+3)

installed and ready to try out

at the 1/4 mile

new best no nitrous run [email protected]

The winnings so far

Temporary fix so i could at least have some fairings on

removing the clutch so i can take the slipper out and weld it

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Slipper welded up

Ready to go back in

putting the HD Springs back in


At the 1/4 mile , trying to see if i can get the bike to 60ft better

Best 60ft to date 1.52 and ran [email protected] with no nitrous

and my best time to date with nitrous [email protected]

Cruising around and took a 100 mile trip

lowered the bike some more

at the 1/4 mile once again, had some clutch issues but the bike ran good

my two best times that day with a hurt clutch

couple pics from the 1/4 mile


launching on the shinko

close race

low rider

taking of

trying to hold the front end down while spraying a 30 shot

cleaning the bike for a car/bike show

at the car/bike show

Then a little dyno session

taking it apart for some more mods over the winter

how it sits now

Taking a look at the clutch once again

some of the steels and fibers in the middle looked pretty bad


hope you guys enjoyed looking at how my summer went. Hope the next season will be even better.

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Wow, you guys arent fooling around up there are ya?! Great thread. Repped for all yer hard work and representing Iceland so well.:thumbsup: Good stuff, come visit me anytime, we love to dragrace around here in Indianapolis. :mrgreen:

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nice times and mods man even tho its a suz :wink::thumbsup:
hehe thx, changing a few things over the winter and going for high 8s @157+mph next season

Heh, my track bike:

Was looking for a cheap 6R, found this instead. So been riding that for several years.
hehe nice. Im not really stuck on just any one brand. Had a CBR 954rr as first street bike and then a GSX-R 600 and now the k7 1000. Looking into buying a 04 zx10r also but i would also love to have a 11+ zx10r since they seem to be the best bang for buck in performance

Wow, you guys arent fooling around up there are ya?! Great thread. Repped for all yer hard work and representing Iceland so well.:thumbsup: Good stuff, come visit me anytime, we love to dragrace around here in Indianapolis. :mrgreen:[/QUOTET]

Thx man. Going to lighten the bike and add more power over the winter. should lose about 40lbs and gain 15whp so im hoping for some 8 sec slips next season. And hopefully improve the 60ft aswell and get into the low 1.4s 60ft

Great read!

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