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How do you get that new bike feel?

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You know how after a few years of bike ownership, especially road bikes, you tend to get a little bagginess in the chassis.

Nothing dangerous, but a subtle or sometimes more pronounced looseness.

I would like to know the best way to get the bike feeling like new.

The looseness​ is typically felt in the front of the bike as road use gives it a lot of abuse.

I was thinking to change out the steering bearings, but whenever doing this on other bikes, and even after tightening the steering again to get rid of the initial slop you get after fitting new bearings, it still never feels as new.

I normally use All Ballz tapered bearings, and wondered if non tapered are the way to go for tighter fit.

Any advice?

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I use tapered roller bearings too and always been happy with the results. First few sets are a little fiddly until you get a feel for them as you don't torque them same as standard ball bearings.

An often over looked place is worn fork bushings. When they wear the movement is sometimes mistaken for steering head bearings, which will likely also be in need of adjustment/replacement at the same time.

Reality is every component wears over time. A lot is imperceptible on its own but add it all up and you feel it. Give all your engine mounts and chassis/suspension fixings and bearings a once over and correct torque may help too.

Only way to truly get the new bike feel is with a new bike :sad:
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Only way to truly get the new bike feel is with a new bike :sad:
So true.

And I hadn't considered worn parts in the forks causing front end bagginess.

Cheers mate :eek:ccasion1
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