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how can i change my drl color to more bluish?

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I've seen videos where gen4 zx10rs seem to have blue colored drl but, never heard,read anything about it. so Im assuming its the camera. Any who anyone have an idea on how I can customize my drl and make it more blue. Slightly brighter if even possible. just want a bit of more blue that all. i was thinking a light buie tint but will it stick, will it change the color,be difficult to put on, not possible, not worh it, etc I want to hear you guys think. thanks
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You want to change your low beam to a more blue color? Swap your bulb to an aftermarket one with a higher kelvin scale. The OEM bulb is going to be around 3-4,000k and you'll want to try and find one around 4-6,000 or thereabouts. If you go much higher the light will go purple and you'll drop lumens.
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DRL? These bikes don't have daytime running lights. Unless you're talking about the "city light" in the center. Otherwise they're just regular headlights and you'd need to swap the bulbs to an HID with a 6000k bulb temp.
i meant the "city light" one sorry.
i meant the "city light" one sorry.

You've got to cut the housing apart and change the LEDs inside. I changed mine to green and posted a how to a couple years ago. Search on city light.
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