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The pics aren't the best either.

First of all I think the HotBodies stuff for THE 10 is much better than a lot of the stuff they used to sell. With that said, it isn't show quality, and if money didn't matter, yes I would get carbon fibre.

If you are going to want you bike to look good, or at least as good as your plastics you have a lot of work ahead. I probably spent in upwards of at least 10hrs sanding and priming to get little blemishes and bumps out. And I didn't do a perfect job either! However, if you just want something to throw on besides your stock plastics, NO PROBLEM!

Here is an example of a run in mine. This was done by HotBodies, not me. Not a big deal of course, but since they tell you "Ready for paint!" I don't really understand that. Who would paint over that? Dont mind my pig-in-the-blanket....

Pretty much everything lines right up for you. On the tail peice, the only place I bolted it to were the bolts directly underneath the tank. Then 2 bolts underneath the seat were apox an inch or so off, so I didn't bother drilling them. Also on the tail peice, you need to drill a rather largh diameter hole in the part behind/under the seat so you can bolt the seat down. I chose rather then to bolt the tail to hold the seat, Id bolt the seat to hold the tail.

I have yet to ride at the track yet, so I guess I can't really say how well the tail will hold up with only 2 bolts holding it on yet, but I will keep y'all posted f'sho. Since Im goin to TWS soon so if a 170mph or so wind don't bobble it it'll be sturdy enough in my book... The seat seems to hold the tail in place pretty well so far and I didn't remove my rear seat/solo cowl latch so I think that will help to "pin" the tail in place.

As with all bodywork, the weakest point is where the windscreen bolts to. If you don't believe me.....don't ask.

Okay I dropped it and had to do a little fiberglass work, and put a little bondo on it, but you can't tell at all now... shoot its probably stronger than the other side now...

I also had a little trouble with drilling one too many bolt holes. Not that big of a deal though, cause I just put some more fiberglass on it....but as always.....


or in this case drill. I would like to state the mistake wasn't completly my fault however... See to mount the upper and lower fairings you drill two holes for the DZUS Faseners...when I did that and actually put them together, there was a bulge b/w the upper and lower on the radiator side that stuck out like a sore thumb, b/c the holes I drilled were not far enough apart.

Be sure when drilling the holes to connect the upper and lower fairings they are far enough apart to ensure no bulging out on either sides of the holes for your faseners!!

Other than that though, its pretty straight forward. Not much more than expected, I say. I have never bought a set of bodywork before I bought THE 10, so it was my first time. It was pretty easy, I thought. It was harder to take the street plastics off, then it was to put the Hotbodies on f'sho. The street stuff is like a stinkin jigsaw puzzle.

One thing to be sure to do is label all your bolts and where they go so you can put them back where they're supposed to go.

I found an easy way to do this is with masking tape and zip-loc bags.

Incase you don't know what Im talking about...

Heres what you need.

Just incase...

Here is some examples of the clearence you have...

Remember I use the GP Shift pattern, and this is the clearance you have here.

NOTE: I did not need to "notch" my stock plastic fairing to use the GP Shift and this is how I did it. It isn't at the optimal 90 degrees, but works fine for me.

Here is the hole I put in the tail section. It looks gnarly but I went back and did it correctly with a hole saw bit, afterwards but didn't get a pic of it.

Heres some pics of it all together before paint. I haven't got pics of it painted yet, but when I do Ill post em.

If some of this doesn't make sense guys, let me know and I will try to clarify it and edit the post accordingly.

EDIT: Here is the link to the Hot Bodies web site...

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