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I read this and couldnt help but share :crackup::crackup::crackup:this is ridiculous seriously
Nick Shane
“Let Me Teach YOU Exactly How *I* Went From Being A Total Loser With Women ... To Having A Date With A Beautiful Woman Every Day Of The Week!”

From: Nick Shane
Dear Friend

I used to be a total loser with women!

Oh man ... I used to suck so bad it was crazy. I remember getting rejected so many times it's not even funny!

I used to have a crush on this girl called "Jennifer" ... she was perfect and a total sweetheart: Beautiful, intelligent, a great sense of humor ...

But when I *finally* got the courage together to ask her out, she told me that she wasn't really that attracted to me. Right there, my heart was shattered in a million pieces in less than a second.

When I got older and started going to bars, clubs or parties ... there would always be one or two women who stood out from everyone else, and I always wondered "what do I have to do ... to get her number and have a date with her?"

I usually just tapped her on the shoulder, said something like "Hi, I noticed you from across the room and I think you are really beautiful ... can I offer you a drink or something?"

But it never worked!

They either just wanted to be friends ... or told me to go away! Well that sure sucked ... and I really HATED the fact that I just wasn't good enough when it came to women and dating.

I had to do something about this!

I didn't want to stay a poor, lonely schmuck for the rest of my life!

I wanted to get GOOD with women! ... Not just good ... but GREAT!

I wanted to walk into any room ... a coffee-shop, a bar, a restaurant, anywhere... and be able to pick-up ANY woman, no matter how beautiful, sexy or arrogant she may be ... and GET HER to be my girlfriend!

I wanted to be able to have what most guys can only dream of!

But to get that success, I had to find out what really works with women!

I'm talking about the real stuff ... none of those mainstream crap dating tips, they are useless. I've used them for years and never got anywhere.

So for the past 11 years, I have researched, tested, tweaked and refined more than you could ever imagine to become successful with women.

But it paid off!

Today ... I truly believe that I have the world's best toolbox and knowledge when it comes to meeting, dating and seducing that special woman you've always wanted ... and make her your girlfriend!

And the best part is ... that ANYONE, no matter how rich, tall or handsome you may be ... can EMULATE what I did, and have even MORE success with women as I have.

... and I'm about to share with you some of my biggest secrets, tricks and methods for meeting, attracting and dating the kind of women that YOU always wanted ... RIGHT NOW!

“Yesterday, I Got 9 New Phone-Numbers And Have 4 Dates Lined Up ...What About You?”

Don't believe me? Just check this out ...

Let me show you how YOU can do the same...

I have already done all the hard work for you! I must have tested thousands of different lines and gone through a massive amount of rejections. But now, I have the cream of the cream with a success rate that blows your roof off!

Here is just a small sample of what you will learn from me:

I always used to get the boyfriend objection from a girl.

Whenever I was trying to ask a woman for her number or wanted to get her to come on a date with me, she just responded with "Well, I have a boyfriend". This really sucked.

Until I found out why women do it...

They are testing you!

Yes, that's right. They want to know if you are up to the challenge.

Obviously, women just can't go on a date with every single guy who asks them out. That's why they want to get rid of all the boring men who will just waste their time.

So here's what I do to pass this test:

Her: I've got a boyfriend

You: Hey slow down girl, I don't want to get all personal just yet. I don't even know you. I just wanted to kick it for a minute.

Her: What's your name?

BAM! You're in!

It always works because it not only let's her know that you are the real deal, it shows that you are not like all these other guys who just say "Oh, ok...", tuck tail and leave.

My book is jam-packed with great ready-to-use lines and techniques just like the one above. Once you have read it you can go out the same AFTERNOON, apply it and see positive reactions instantly!

Learn The Secret Psychology To Attract Any Woman

Women respond to a very specific behaviour pattern when it comes to being attracted to men. At first, I really didn't have a clue...

Then it hit me!

It took me a lot of years to figure this out, but I am now passing it on to you!

First of all , you do not need to look like a hunk to become successful with women. Of course the media and the society want to tell you different, but good-looks ain't that relevant in this game.

What matters is “Emotional Attraction”.

Why would we men instantly go to bed with any good looking woman without even actually knowing what she's like?

We men don't really care about a woman's personality the first time we see her. If she is good looking, then we would like to get to know her and wouldn' mind that much sleeping with her. But for women it is a big issue. Why?

Because attraction doesn't work the same way for women as it does for men! … it's twisted!

Women will rate a man's Personality first (Confidence, Humor, ... ) before assessing his looks

Men will rate a Woman by her Looks first (face, breasts, bum, legs, ...) before assessing her personality traits

We men don't go out with the intention of meeting some nice and polite women. We like pretty girls with a great body, soft skin, a cute face and long legs - that's what we want! Everything else is only secondary for the moment!

You don't see yourself sayting to your friends: “Hey guys, how about if we go out tonight and meet some very polite and intelligent women with great personalities? How does that sound like?”

The funny thing is ... men don't do that, but women do!

Women do the exact opposite. In the back of her head lingers the thought of a nice, polite and sweet man that makes her laugh, is nice and respects her - a Prince Charming who sweeps them off their feet if you will.

That's why guys who are handsome have a "very hard time" getting women ... because as soon as they open their mouths they bore women to death and don't know which buttons to press. It's a common problem out there that relying on looks will never cut it with women. Period!

But that's only because women rate men first by attractive personality traits and THEN how they look like. Very attractive women will still go out with you if you have a beer belly as long as your personality is sexy and you know how the secret psychology of this dating game works.

Are You Making These 7 Crucial Mistakes With Women?

Hi, can I buy you a drink?

Everybody tries to be nice by offering a woman a drink. The only problem is it doesn't work! It is not original, doesn't create any attraction and just bores women to death. All they say is: "Oh great, not another one. But I get a free drink so I just talk for 3 minutes and then leave".

Why don't you give me your number instead?

This is a classic! Never ever give your phone number to a woman if you don't have hers. It's a trick to get rid of you because they will never call!

I love you!

Movies and magazines tell you different, but don't say "I love you" too early to a woman you started to date dating. It freaks them out!

Do you have a boyfriend?

Always assume she doesn't have a boyfriend! There is simply no need to bring the subject up. If she doesn't have one, she won't bring it up either so don't ask. Women even like to use it as an excuse but I already explained how to counter this effectively in section 1.

Would you like to come have a drink with me sometime?

Another classic that is doomed to fail. So many men who try to get a particular woman on a date always ask if she wants to have a drink sometime. You have to be different! The last 10 men that wanted to "hang out" with her didn't get anywhere with that line, so why would you want to make the same mistake they made?

Do you want to party some more at my place?

If you want to get a woman you like to your place, please don't use that line. It has been used so many times and become so transparent that it tells right away that you want to have sex with her. Women need to be persuaded a little more, so you have to be smoother than using the old party-at-yours tactic.

Buying dinner, gifts and taking her to the movies!

Never try to buy a woman a lot of gifts, invite her to dinner or go to the movies very early. It is a sure-fire tactic to be her next girlfriend. You need to learn HOW to heat up her emotional attraction towards you, and none of the above does that. Luckily, I have the answers to all those questions already on paper ready for you to read!

Why your Looks and your Height won't matter the slighest!

Most guys assume they need to have at least one of the following to succeed with women:

You got to have money to get women. Nope, unless you want to get a golddigger!

You must have an expensive car to attract women. Nope, I don't even have one!

You need designer clothes to get the girl. Nope, my wardrobe is second-hand!

You need big muscles and height. Nope, you couldn't be more off!

You have to live in a great apartment to succeed. Nope, I live next to a topless bar.

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people will come up with the dumbest shit. people have been figuring out how to hook up long before this ass hole re-invented the one night stand

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Well there went 5 minutes of my life that were waisted.

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Where can I buy his book?

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when ya gonna post some pics?...hahaha......:love10::leghump:

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In all seriousness, the dude makes a lot of sense. Most of those lines won't work on women but some will; Depends on your attitude and charisma. All you gotta do is compliment her and build a conversation from there. That's it! I'm no pro but those things work for me and sometimes it don't. HAHA. :lol:

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I just tell them I like the outfit they have on!!........and how it would look better on my bedroom floor!....LMAO!!>......it has worked a few times!!!

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I guess if you use that line in an obviously cheesy and cheeky way it could work lol.
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