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Hello Guys n Gals

Am Raj from Mumbai - India

I have recently acquired the 2015 - Anniversary edition.

My biking experience has been very gradual, started with a really small motorbike 50cc to this steed, my entry level bug bike was the Ninja 250r then moved to a Ninja 650 or the ER6F and 4 years on moved to the mighty 10r.

There are some mods already done by me on the bike, to begin with

R&G Sliders
R&G Swingarm spools
Hotbodies Undertail
Akrapovic Titanium Slip-on with Decat Pipe
Power Commander
O2 Optimiser

Bike has been run-in hard and first oil change to mineral at 200kms.

Am facing some issues with the bike and would love to hear your thoughts / advise.

1. A little vibe / resonance from the visor at around 2-3.5k rpm.
2. The bike stutters as i change my Power mode to low, on Full Power and SKTRC 1 the bike flies, no issues at all.

Finally some pics to close my story for now, am glad to be a part of this forum and looking forward to a lot of interaction with you all.


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Welcome aboard :smile2:

Good to see someone who recognizes the value of starting off on smaller capacity machines and gradually moving up :thumbsup:
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