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i got sick of listening to kwakka bashers on a local forum so now im jumping into the only crowd with brains kwakka owners
im currently getting 10.2 at the drags (before the mods which are yoshi TRC carbon exhaust , power commander 5, BMC race flow airfilter , stiffened steering dampner (for track reasons stock wasnt stiff enough)

and then a few cosmetic things too fender elim, mercury iridium screen, gold front and rear brake res caps, SV gold shorty levers, gold "kawasaki" rim stickers, seat cowl,

and my pice de resistance was getting rid of the big chrome front indicators with some genuine kwakka ones all LEDs now front & rear

my bike getting dyno tuned by RILUSI motorcycles 167hp at the rear wheel with out ram air (of course) 0-300 in just shy of 20secs

well thats me


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