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Hi all new here!

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Hope this is the right place!

Have just bought my zx10r 2014 can't wait to pick it up next week! Will get pics up when I do!

I'm going to do -1 +2 sprockets what length chain will I need? 120link?
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You can re use the stock chain with -1 +2 gearing but if you need a new chain 120 will be good and you will still need to cut it down.
Welcome to the world of the 4th gen! You'll absolutely love it.

Besides the gearing, these are the first cheap and essential modifications that you'll want to do:
Rifleman's 1/5th turn throttle insert
Shim the rear shock by 6mm
ECU flash
Thanks so much lads can't wait had a pretty quick gsxr 1000 k8 previous is there anywhere to buy the 1/5 throttle in the uk
Welcome to tg the paradise of information:grin2:
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