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Hi Again

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Thanks or10r for having my account reactivated. Been awhile since my last post and I wanted to say hi to some old friends, Over a year I think, dam.

I got hit and run on the bike a few weeks ago which is story for another time, I only got some bruises and still fighting the soreness but I`ll heal up.

Mike I sent you a PM with a parts list for prices, when you get a chance of course.
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Glad I could help and special thanks to YSR50 as well. Hate you got hit man but I'm glad your ok.
Welcome back! Sorry to hear about the H&R.
:welcome: again!! :biggrin:
Thanks Guys,, :grin2:

Id like to give Mike from Riders Discount a thanks also,, Got a call in for some great prices on parts I need to get the Bike back on the street again. Thanks Man,, :thumbsup:
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