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Help with chain problem

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I was helping a buddy of mine today put extensions and 520 sprockets on his 04 10r. We got everything put back together and tighten, BUT his RK chain he ordered(130 link) was too short. The local shop cant order a 520 chain more than 130 links. One guy said to buy another chain and link together, the other said its a bad idea. Any ideas? Know anyone who has done this? OR where a chain can be ordered cut to fit. ANY help greatly appreciated, THANKS GUYS!
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Send the 130 chain back and get a 140 link chain from DID with a rivet link(they do make it, a 520VM). The problem is not a lot of people make 120 link + chains in 520.
I wouldn't run more than 1 master link, but thats just me. If I wouldn't do it on my own bike I sure wouldn't do it to a customers.

If he put this much work into an extension don't skimp on the chain. Get a high quality chain and rivet link (I wouldn't put a clip link on my Radio Flyer much less any bike) don't make some "chop shop" chain when you can do it right.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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