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It goes just above and behind your right foot peg (tucked behind the foot guard) and it will point downwards. If you notice the silver tip has a hole on the end through it. That hole requires a long wire looking spring that connects to your brake pedal and the other end goes through the eyelit of the "plug"(switch) you are referring to. The "plug" (switch) also has a black plastic nut that allows you to adjust it up or down properly to make your brake light come on. It is very important to double check once installed that your brake lights are working properly once reinstalled because if you have it to tight it will have your brake light on at all times and you will basically be without brake lights or if to loose it will not come on when you hit your rear brake but front will still work so just double check to save from a possible bad day.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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