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People have stolen my zx10 and I could recover after long six months of paperwork and others. Chuck was much time at the station and I think you have taken more parts cops thieves.
for example the black box, the relay turns, fall sensor, servo motor exub.
Thanks to put. government of my dearest country can not bring parts from outside because the lock customs and never reach the consumer's hands, besides that if I can get an official supplier out exorbitant sums of up to 10 times more than what's on outside.
I could get a black box of a disarming a bike from a friend who ran
I got the relay turns a ninja 250 which equals
I lack the drop sensor and servo exhaust
the matter is that I turn, squeezed on the board buttons to find errors and pulls me Error 11 - 12- 16 - 31-32 - and 34
algunosya found them are such that the servomotor 34 exhaust valve. no way to bypass it? all have a sports exhaust and the servo no longer used before.
Throttle sensor 11 - which is and where is it? because it failed?
Air sensor 12 - same questions
31 fall sensor - can be bridged to probarr if you boot?
32 Subthrottle open cable - I have no idea regards !!!

I hope they can give me a hand with this and to continue slowly getting the parts here!


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Where is "here"?

Is insurance involved? If so, it appears that they need to be involved some more.
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