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I used to post an ad like....

For sale, Dodge Viper.....8999.00

Some small scratches, from ordinary wear and tear.....and continue to talk up the car.....

Be sure and close with the fact you work for the Fire Department and are on duty, thursday, fri, sat and sunday 24 hrs...therefore, the best time to call s after 12:00 midnight, but before 5am, california time....thats when your station is less busy.

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Here's the guy:


He Opt-in on the Internet to get a phone call from my lead vendor...

My lead company called him for us....

He filed a lawsuit about the phone call.

Lawyer wanted me to pay him $2,500 to defend.

I didn't have the money.

Guy now has a $9,000 judgement against my company and me personally for a phone call.

And I just get a letter to my HOME address telling me he will be willing to settle before sending collection companies after me.

I got denied a loan as this judgment is on my personal credit report...and the Laguna Beach police department said it isn't identity theft because anyone can get my Social Security number and home address.

His name is:

Stewart Abramson
522 Glen Arden drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15208
Ph 412-362-4233
Fax: 412-362-7668

I'll have his e-mail tomorrow...

WTF can I do about this asshole who has made thousands suing companies and requesting settlements for a phone call that HE initiates????
Dear sir. He got me too. Today. 04-02-2019.

Can you reach out to me at [email protected]

I am 57 years old, and he did exactly to me what he did to you.

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