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Hi all, after 3 weeks of working on my new 1990 ZX11C with 6100 on the clock
Everything is stock except for the cam's but I have no way of confirming this.
I feel I'm very close to getting it running minty mint.
Here's what I've done so far.

Rust in the tank, Fixed Por-15, cured 96 hours.
Carbs rebuilt, new float valve, float valve seat/screen, float bowl gasket & o-rings.
Counted 3 turns in on the pilot screws and 3.5 on #3 carb.
2 cans of gumout, my carbs look almost new.
Checked fuel level in the bowls, all in Spec.
Checked for vacuum leaks, boots from the carbs to the heads are good.
Fresh set of nkg's double checked the gaps.

Ohm and gap tested the pickup coil, Ohms were good 380-570.
gap was at 0.5 should have been 0.7, she ran better after this adjustment.

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