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Help C.E.L. on self inflicted gen5

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Was putting fender eliminator on and I forgot to plug in a plug.. got too hasty for a ride and bike wouldn't start. Tore back apart and there it was. Plugged back in and now I have a cel on and I've tried disconnecting battery for 30 min and it's still on after start. Any advice on how to clear this

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I'm not familiar with the gen 5s but it looks like a tip over sensor. If it is make sure it isn't damaged. And make sure it's plugged all the way in.
#1. Tip over sensor.

#2. Gen 5 bike.

You're going to have to clear the codes 1 of 3 ways.
1) Manual clearing process (see highlighted below)
2) Take the bike into the dealership to have it cleared with a KDS system by the dealer
3) Use the Woolich Racing diagnostics feature to clear it

Thank you very much
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