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Hey all, i need some help. I recently bought my wife a 04 ZX636 a couple weeks ago. During the purchase the bike seemed okay, i rode it pretty hard and listened to the bike to make sure it wasn't sluggish or had any other problems. All was good. Recently wifey was riding the bike and she told me it cut off on her. She said as she was coming to a stop the bike would cut off on her. I figured it was all operator error. I thought as she was braking she wasn't pulling in the clutch when she came to a stop causing the bike to cut off. So i took the bike for a ride, and go figure it was riding for the most part fine. I did happen to hear the bike back fire once while i was in mid ride when i eased off the throttle. I continued to ride the bike for another 5 minutes on the highway and had no further problems. The as i was approaching the turn to go in to my neighbor hood, i was still in 3rd or 4th gear, i pulled in the clutch, heard the backfire again and this time the bike cut off. i was able to pop it back in neutral and start it back up. I have no clue as to what could cause this. I had a buddy say he thought the bike might have been running way too rich, but it only has a slip on pipe, could that cause the problem? If not, do you mechanical geniuses (compared to me) have any idea what might be the cause? What ever you recommend i will look into. Thanks.

Oh here's the bike:

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