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Hello Everyone!

I wanted to buy a 10R since 2007 (as I really like Kawasakis), but back then there wasn't many examples to buy. Some are bought right when I was already on my way to the owner, and the last one was a black gen1 which was not in the shape I was told in the phone. So I bought a mint R1 then, and years later a Speed Triple because the R1 was uncomfortable for longer rides. This year, in the same town as the black gen1 I mentioned, I found a gen2 one which is in very good shape.. 2nd try, 2nd gen same place, same color.
I hope that comfort will be okay for 500+ kilometers in a day & for two up, then this will be a beautiful friendship.. :)
(just have to get a decent ~10kg/mm rear spring for it)
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