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Hello from Cape Town, South Africa

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Hi Guys

Nizaam here from Cape Town, South Africa. Took delivery of my Gen2 10R last week. Coming off a slightly tuned Honda CBT1100XX Blackbird, this green meenie has to be the craziest bike I have ever owned (my 5th bike).

Its got a full titanium Two Brothers system with carbon side can and raised pegs (which I find most uncomfortable). My only gripe is this bike cannot launch or my balls are only beginning to drop as a result of this powerhouse. Anywhere over 50% throttle in 1st or 2nd it wants to flip over so lesser bikes are schooling me. On a roll tho its a whole different story. I've had some roll ons with Hayabusa, K1300S and S1000RR all club riders with experience and this little 10R destroys them on a clean roll. It's wickedly fast. How do I overcome this wheelie issue. My Blackbird makes less power and weighs more but I can launch that bike no hassles. Do I drop the front as I already have an adjustable swingarm link installed. Does it helps keep the front down?

Sorry for the long post, very excited to be here. First fast Kawa, my other one is a 94 ZZR600 so very impressed with this 10R but also very scared of it as I can swear it wants to kill me! ?


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Congratulations on the new bike! :welcome:
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