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Heavy/stiff throttle - lighter return spring...

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Not long had my gen1, but this would apply to any gen really i guess...

I find the throttle on the bike very stiff and heavy. Not just to twist, but even when maintaining a constant throttle on a highway it seems to require too much effort and grip to hold there.

The cables are adjusted correctly, all lubed and free etc so i don't think it's that. They don't feel sticky or rough, it just seems that the return spring is too heavy for my taste. On my previous R1, and particularly my b1h zx6 the throttle was so light and delicate feeling, i loved it. More sensitive and requires better control maybe, but feels way nicer to use.

Question is has anyone ever changed their throttle spring to a lighter one or adjusted/tweaked their current spring to make it weaker? Any tips or ideas at all? I'm hoping the spring from another bike like the zx6 will simply swap over...

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Im interested about this. Ive never even thought about it, I just assumed you adjusted to proper slack and called it good.
I would put new cables on, even though the old ones are lubed you'd be surprised at the difference new ones make. Also double and triple check the routing, that will make a huge difference. I hate routing cables.
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