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hawaii cops messing with me on side mounted license plate !HELP!

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I cant find a law online to save my life. An officer stopped me last night for what I suspect was to see if I had been drinking and sighted an obscured license plate as the reason. No ticket was issued so I think he was full of shit. Anyway it is side mounted really low but easy to read from the rear which he agreed with. The issue he stated was he couldn't see it from the right side of the vehicle. With new Harley Davidson Nightsters being sold with side mounts how do you draw the line with what is legal?:machinegu:donkey1:


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Thats the problem. I have 6 hours of research in this and I cannot find anything that says I cant have a side mount plate or hight requirement anywhere... I know I am not that stupid, that I could spend 6 hours looking for a law or guideline and not stumble across it.:lame:
Whats up bro, dont know if you remember me but I met you at Andy's. I have a black 08 ZX10R. As far as your license plate, its just how it is over here. They were definitely messing with you and just trying to find anything wrong. Being born and raised here, I have been messed with too many times to list. They pull you over for one reason and then find something else to gig you on. Ive had my license mounted like this for the past year and have been lucky so far (knock on wood). I think the only thing I have going for me is that I have a LED light that shines bright over the whole plate.
What up man? bike still looks good I see. Hit me up for a ride sometime. the problem I am having with all this is if he had hit me on anything else I could have slapped him with the regs on motorcycles verbatim but there is no clarification on the license plate thing for hawaii. I've went so far as to call 2 shops this morning and they have both told me that the HPD Sergeant was talking from his ass. Im not saying he was racist but every time a cop pulls me over for no apparent reason its a local boy cop and they treat me like shit. In fact I have never been pulled over by a cop that wasn't local... My fault for living west side.:jerkit:
You said it. Unfortunately, it is the local mentality. Especially on the leeward side. How far down do you live, Maili? I live in Honokai Hale. It s the subdivision all by itself(on the left side of the freeway) right after the Campbell Industrial Park exit and just before the KoOlina exit as you're driving towards the west side. Maybe we could hit KoleKole pass someday.
maili in sea country. Need to do some rolling.:eek:ccasion1
How that plate is mounted it is completely illegal. First it is in a vertical mounted position which the last time I checked was illegal for your state. Even here in Florida after June 16th, 2009 a tag being in a vertical mounted position can still not obstruct the view of the tag or hence it will be illegal and you will be cited for it. Really any tag that isn't in the middle of your motorcycles tail can't be classified as an improperly mounted tag or obstructing the view due to the point you can only see it from one side. But I can completely agree with the officer on pulling you over. I say invest in a couple L brackets and call it a day in less you really love getting pulled over all the time.
I would love to see that law. Does not exist in hawaii. And if thats the law then how does harley get away with it stock? ( That is it on the left. You can just see it behind the fender.)


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I do appreciate this brutal honesty( I thought it looked good ) and I don't do a lot of corners since it is lowered a couple inches and stretched And Hawaii's roads are not great so I don't trust corners here anyway. Just to let everyone know it is not putting the tag back on the tail that bothers me, I really don't care that much. I just want to be able to see a law that states I cant do something if a cop is going to be able to stop me for it. If there is no guidelines I should be able to tell you to eat shit.:thefinger as far as I am concerned if there is no law it is police harassment especially if a manufacture is getting away with it.:deadhorse By the way earlier the same night I was at a local motorcycle hangout in the same town and cops are always there and one even asked me where I got my tag bracket. Said as long as there is a light on it I don't see a problem... one of these cops doesnt know there job.
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Are you with the 25th ID?

Sucks with the plate issue though.
im in the coast guard.:screwy:
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