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hawaii cops messing with me on side mounted license plate !HELP!

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I cant find a law online to save my life. An officer stopped me last night for what I suspect was to see if I had been drinking and sighted an obscured license plate as the reason. No ticket was issued so I think he was full of shit. Anyway it is side mounted really low but easy to read from the rear which he agreed with. The issue he stated was he couldn't see it from the right side of the vehicle. With new Harley Davidson Nightsters being sold with side mounts how do you draw the line with what is legal?:machinegu:donkey1:


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Why the hell would you put license plate THERE? LOL

no seriously....wtf?


I would probably scrap it to the ground on the first turn to left side....it looks ugly, it looks wrong and its just stupid.
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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