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In case someones never heard of it ran it
first time at yesterdays track day.

Pretty cool app runs on Android and iPhone

Was running on my S4 and blue tooth gps receiver.

App $20 + BT GPS $80 = $100

In it's basic mode tracks lap times and stats.

Does video overlays, remotely controls multiple go pro's, etc.

I was just testing recording lap times.

Here's a shot of an exported lap overlaid on Google Earth.

Check out the program, pretty cool.


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is there any hardware you need to buy?

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Any negatives to this app? Have you had any connections issues?
I've had no problems, zero issues.

Very easy to use.

Our local track was already in Harry's database.

You download the track, once downloaded you are ready to go.

Then when at the track you just turn on the app and before you
put your gloves on click on the "race" button.

It will use the gps cords to tell what track you are at and timer
will start automatically when you cross the start/finish line.

You can also create your own tracks, etc. by choosing points
on a Google map in the program.

For instance to test I created two tracks, "To Work" and "From work"
Click race button and starts when you cross the start finish line.

I had to stop that test because I kept trying to beat my best times
to and from work. Figured I was going to get a ticket soon.

Anyway, Harry has 3 different versions. The least expensive version
is like $9. You can try it and mess with it. You don't have to buy the external
bluetooth GPS it will use internal GPS receiver.

External BT GPS is recommended for extra precision.

The program does much more too.

You can control multi Gopros, export data to racerender to create video
overlays. If you have BT speaker in your helmet can also announce your
lap times.
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