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Harness swap now no fuel

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Sup fellas long time no hear... want to say before my deployment I had a issuenwith a injector harness wire. Was at the track rush to get back into action didn't notice that I was stabbing the connector with the tank overflow nipple. Started arching bike would shut down after WOT pulls got open circuit code. No matter what I did to repair it kept getting that code. Couldn't ride the bike over 6k. Brought. New wrong harness started connecting everything got down to last damn connector realize it's a EURO spec harness ignition dnt match up, there was no fix to it Brought the woodcraft key delete but it needs our (US) spec connector to work. So I cut the connector off and then spliced in my connector from my harness. Boom got power but fuel pump not coming on. Double checked everything even swapped in a new fuel pump. Nothing fuses nothing bike won't prime.. did I trip something maybe immobilizer switching the harness connector? Bike just has that initial startup wine but it never goes away and pump never primes At a lost. Rn
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