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I got a 2003 zx6/636 pcIII for free, hard-wired it to my 05 zx10.. resistance is a little off so im throwing all injector codes because the ECU thinks they are faulty, but fail-safe keeps ECU sending sig.

put her on the dyno and laid 151 no tune, other zx10's with full systems/tuning lay high 150's on the same dyno so the bike isnt in limp mode.

secondaries removed, kn filter, 190/55 rear tire, 23k mi

couldn't tune cause i had stock muffler still but I recently re-built/shortened it into a straight flo muffler, no more cat, no more chambers, now it has a baffle and packing and light as hell. hopefully i get it tuned this week.

Why am i posting this?

Power commanders are virtually universal.. the pcIII's that piggy back at the injectors are the best (04 gsxr 750 for instance).

you dont want to put a liter bike pcIII on a 600 though because they dont rev is high..
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