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Hey, Hallett riders,

What a great MLD day we had last Sunday - over sixty riders and absolutely fantastic weather! Thanks

MLD time again - Sunday, March 19th at Hallett. We already have thirty-five riders on the pre-entry list,
so send in those entries - fax 918-583-1135, or mail to 2232 S. Nogales, Tulsa OK 74107 or just email
me [email protected] with your intention to come. (I need name, phone, group, pmt method -
unless you are new, then I also need address, emergency name and contact) If the weather goes
bad, we will announce by email a postponement the Thursday before the event (March 16th)

Thanks to Stillwater Kawasaki Suzuki for the March 5th MLD sponsorship!! If a rider entered for a
full day s/he had an automatic entry in the drawing. Two fine helmets were won by Robert Ahern and
John O'Bryan - both happy riders!

Thanks to Tulsa Cycle Supply for sponsoring the next MLD March 19th. Remember, all riders who
enter are put in the drawing for prizes to be announced during the lunch hour.

We have purchased seven sets of very nice leathers for rent - $50/day. For those of you who want to
get started and do not have leathers yet, this is for you!

Hallett Advanced Rider Training (HART) is a non-profit program. To accommodate the growing number
of new riders and to help defray the traveling expenses of our instructors, we are adding a $10 fee to the novice
group. The HART fee of $20 remains the same - what a bargain!
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