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At a local trackday Wednesday I had Dave Alexander (owner of Fluid Suspension Science) set up my suspension for Pacific Raceways. Dave works with the top WMRRA folks as well as Larry Pegram for the past 3 years. Anyway, HE WORKED MAGIC ON MY BIKE. Instantly shaved 7s off my laps in the rain. Can't wait for a dry day.

About the track: lots of elevation changes and opportunities for highsiding:

About the setup: stop reading now if you don't have a track-only 10 w/ stock suspension and weigh 200lbs in gear. The settings will be off for you and could even cause you to crash.

Start Sag: 38F/19R
Finish Sag: 33F/19R

Fork Extension: 125mm
Rider Sag Fork: 87mm
Shock Extension: 493mm
Rider Sag Shock: 474mm

Fork Comp: 4 out
Fork Rebound: 4 out :spit:
Fork Preload: 2 lines showing

Shock Comp: 1 3/4 out
Shock Rebound: 1 1/2 out
Shock Preload: slightly more than stock - not written down
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