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Had 09 R1 for 1 Day and that was enough

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So I thought I would trade in my 09 Hayabusa on the new R1, thought the new engine would provide some fun.

Well after one day of riding it, I had had enough. Took it back to the Dealer and traded it in on an 09 SE ZX-10R that should be in by mid week.

Here is what I found with the R1

I could not get over the excessive engine heat from the exhaust that cooked my thighs and ass.

I don't just mean around town in traffic even doing a highway run the heat was still heating my thighs.

Around town the bike temp was higher than any inline 4 I have ever owned and the fan would cycle on and off all the time.

Checked the coolant level and it was fine.

I did not care for the power delivery either, below 6000 rpm is seemed lazy, perhaps some gearing would have fixed that but I had had enough!

It did sound cool, give it that but other than that happy to be back on my 10 and look forward to the 09
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wow, i really want to ride one to see what your talking about myself. I still think they are the ugliest of all the liter bikes.
i would like to ride the new R1, the heat on the booty would suck, and im not fond on the looks, but that engine sounds so good.
I dont know, raced a couple on the streets threw roll on's, launches, corners you name it!! A guy road out a couple different times with this group I ride with and he has a 09 r1 and I'm not impressed one bit with the machine, the only thing I like about the hole bike is the sound of the idle other then that I think I will stick with the 10...heck I have even take one from the dealership out and ran it threw its paces just to see if I would like it. If your interested go hit up your local stealership haha, they should have a test bike for you to try out!!
yea i think the dealership would let me test ride one, maybe i will
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