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Had 09 R1 for 1 Day and that was enough

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So I thought I would trade in my 09 Hayabusa on the new R1, thought the new engine would provide some fun.

Well after one day of riding it, I had had enough. Took it back to the Dealer and traded it in on an 09 SE ZX-10R that should be in by mid week.

Here is what I found with the R1

I could not get over the excessive engine heat from the exhaust that cooked my thighs and ass.

I don't just mean around town in traffic even doing a highway run the heat was still heating my thighs.

Around town the bike temp was higher than any inline 4 I have ever owned and the fan would cycle on and off all the time.

Checked the coolant level and it was fine.

I did not care for the power delivery either, below 6000 rpm is seemed lazy, perhaps some gearing would have fixed that but I had had enough!

It did sound cool, give it that but other than that happy to be back on my 10 and look forward to the 09
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My neighbor did the same thing. He has a track GSXR-1000 and a collection of antique Euro machines and knows bikes pretty well. He had his for exactly 7 days and took it back to the dealer. Friday he came over and asked me to ride it to see if he wasn't missing something. And besides still having that new bike smell come off the engine when you idle it and sounding sweet, it was relatively nutless below 8000. And even above that it didn't feel like a 1K. And it was an ass roaster! I would look down and expect to see the battery melting or melted plastic. He dropped it off and hasn't closed out with the dealer on pay yet. He is a surgean so I think he can afford to deal with them.
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