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H2 mirror on gen4 possible?

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I would like to put h2 mirrors on my gen4 later on. I'm thinking a nice custom adapter would work fine.

Now will the aerodynamics of the front end change a lot or not really?
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Dude, Gen 4 mirrors are the shit. Why would you do this? :2bitchslap:
I can't tell you for sure, but it looks like the H2 mirrors were based on the design of the G4 mirrors. I'd expect them to be very close to bolting on, if not a direct fit. Just going to have to try it.

I would be worried about the aero though with the winglets on the H2 mirrors. At speed, the mounting brackets might not support the down force generated by those. Small risk, but something to look at and think about. Try it and see.
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