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Here in the past few days I have seen now 3 or 4 "grudge race" and poo slinging here on the forum. I would like to first start out by saying that it is tasteless. There is a time and place for everything and after thinking about this for a bit I would like to share my thoughts. We all know over on psychobike that grudge races are set up daily. That fits that forum. and I'm a member} however I would like to think this network is a helpful one and that we here help each other with a real degree of professionalism. My first zx10 was damn near built off of info off of this forum. That bike FLEW! Now I have built another and I would like to think I'm returning the favor with all the 14 members we have here.
However we cant share data if were racing each other. So come here build your bike and go find a busa to beat up on. But grudge racing members you probably got tech from is gay!
Besides, beating up on the new guys.....not all the old ones have left yet. Myself, Kenny, Tread are all still here. We didn't get into pro racing overnight. we have alllll stood on a track with cash in hand before trying to bet money to build the next one over and over again... you not the first one to do it....just know there is a time and place to do it at.
I'm not bitching at any one individual. just asking some of you guys to bring the level of professionalism up a bit. Before posting "my balls are bigger than your balls" ask if this is the proper place or time for that first.
Thank you rant over

See you guys at the next race!
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