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Googlepal heads up display

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I don't no if anyone else is interested in some sort of speedo reading projected within your helmet but I certainly am!I don't want all the other b.s that goes with maps,messages to me that would be a distraction!all I want would be speed and a warning if your flashers are left on!having to glance down constantly checking your speed can be dangerous because your eyes are not on the road!to be able to have a read out like this Googlepal sitting inside my helmet could be something that I would luv to try!all other h.u.d units are $600+ and this 1 is focused at Skiers mounted inside their goggles by a magnet!I have seen prices around $200 and that's reasonable imo!a lot of riders have their opinions on it being a distraction but to me so is glancing down!maybe a indicator for redline would be nice!anyone checked these out in the States?


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Never heard of it... I'd want a magnet that's thinner so that it doesn't catch any wind though... head check might Rip that one off at speeds. The price seems reasonable though!

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