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Gilles Tooling frame sliders for Kawasakis are built with a patented crash-absorbing mechanism that’s designed to reduce the force of impact “felt” by your bike’s frame should the unfortunate happen. The crash pads are actually a two-piece design with a high-density compression material sandwiched between the inner and outer elements and held together with stainless steel hardware. It is with this design it becomes possible for the outer element to slider over the inner one with the compression material acting like a shock absorber. This way, less impact energy is transmitted to the frame, reducing the chance of damage to your motorcycle. As always, instructions and high-quality components are provided with every Gilles Crash Protection Kit.

Available for 2006 and up ZX10R with no fairing modification required.

Call TJ at 866-931-6644 ext 817 for the best service. We ship fast too! You can also send email to FORUM at RIDERSDISCOUNT dot COM with the subject line GILLES SLIDERS for questions on availability and/or international shipping. Please be sure to specific exactly what model and year of bike you own.

What’s in the box.

Frame sliders are custom-built for each specific application.

Here, you can see the compression material that is within each frame slider.
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