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Getting serious about racing...

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Bought a 6x12 enclosed trailer last Sunday. Kept it at a coworkers house all week due to the hectic work week, then brought it home and went to town on it.

When I brought it back on Tuesday.

As of early Saturday:

My dad used a chemical I specifically told him NO before I left. When I got back, it looked like this. It cleaned it, but ate through the paint and all.

Then I took off every single sticker.

Pics after buffing/wax/cleaning to come.


Part 2

My dad's fuck up alot less noticeable now, but will still need fixing. :(


My thoughts on the subject:

In the before pics the door looked cleaner - now it looks dirtier (haven't buffed it yet):

All the shit that came off of the trailer:

I don't have any pics yet, but now its all hand-buffed clean. Tomorrow morning I am going to finish buff it as well as wax it.

I have a trip to the track this weekend - then its game on once I get back:

*Coat floors
*Paint walls
*Build custom cabinet/toolbox/storage in the front
*Minor overhaul (refresh, recondition, etc)

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looks like your well on your way, I so want to get back on the track but I so need money LOL and by the looks of it not gonna happen for atleast another year or two, looks like ya got it all figured out, nice trailer even though your dad had to go and screw the paint up LOL, take it to the Blue Beacon truck wash if ya got one near ya and tell them to wash it and use brightner on it, it will strip alot of that off and make it look alot better... I use to work at one in high school back in the day and we use that on motorhomes and trucks and it makes a trailer look almost like new after a wasy and brigtner, it will burn chrome though LOL ...
I handbuffed the entire thing, looks better than new! Just got to finish buff it tomorrow then wax it.

Sounds like your dad should be the one washing it and then paying someone to repaint it for ya! Especially after you specifically told him not to do it, and he did it anyways!
Make no mistake, I was FURIOUS when I got back especially considering the stuff he used says "Not for use on PAINTED surfaces" AND "Test in an inconspicuous area". However he did a good portion of the hand buffing, and he is helping to build the toolbox/etc/etc so he's worked off his debt. Nothing I can't fix anyways. :thumbsup:
More work done this morning:

*Light detail buffing (just wanted to get the heavy stuff...didn't stress the details)
*Complete hand wash with Simple Green
*Removed old peeling rear reflector stickers, replaced with DOT Tape
*Complete hand wax with Meguiars Cleaner Wax
*Replaced bad bulbs in running lights

Once the adhesive cooks off all the sticker imprints will be gone:

Old reflectors removed (were on far bottom left corner and far bottom right corner)

New DOT Tape

Cleaned out inside:

After hand wax outside. Still not perfect, but good enough for this weekends trip until I get back.

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very nice i think im gonna go pick one up at my local lowes
Don't waste your money. They're overpriced there but many people buy trailers their since they have Lowes cards, etc.

whats the future plans? paint? sticker kit?:eek:ccasion1
Gonna coat the floor, paint the walls, build a custom toolbox/workbench, and get mounts for aerosols, oils, stands, etc, etc.

Depending on how much you want to spend on your floor, you might wanna look into rino liner for the floor! If not that, i have the rubber coin flooring in mine and love it! I couldn't rino line mine because i have 3 rows of recessed e-track in the floor. E-track is something ya might wanna look into installing as well... the stuff is great!
I've looked into e-track but don't think I'm gonna do it with this trailer.
Bought a toolbox for the trailer yesterday.

The top piece will not be mounted on the bottom chest. The bottom chest is getting mounted on a 8" riser to bring the top of it to workbench height. It'll be centered in the front of the trailer and the workbench will go from wall to wall.

The top piece will mount to the workbench for transport, but will be removable so I can carry the tools out if need be. The bottom storage area is perfect for a helmet, gloves, and pair of boots....or two helmets/gloves if I'm hauling a friend's bike/gear.

I also ordered two wheel chocks today. I'm going to find a way to move them quickly that way I can constantly swap the trailer to haul 1 or 2 bikes. :mrgreen:

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Harbor Freight. They're on sale right now - $30 each, normally $40.:thumbsup:
Got alot done thinking I was going to the track today but we got rained out. Oh well.

*Measured for then mounted wheel chock(s)
*Mounted toolbox then halfway stocked it (in the middle of a huge truck project so only put in my unused tools)

Once this truck project is done I'm gonna rip everything out and paint the inside.

The toolbox and drawers from top to bottom (again, still have alot more to get put in there)

Once I find my helmet bag it'll go in here as well.
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You should buy some organizers for your sockets and wrenches so they aren't just rolling around everywhere.
Like stated in that update post, only a small bit of my tools are in the box as of right now due to this truck project. Once its done the rest of them will be put in there as well as foam padding, organizers, etc. :thumbsup:
3 months later, yet another update!

Pictures from todays work....

First I fixed a couple of loose ends and what not:

Before - Bent with an exposed edge:


Taping stuff off for the sealer/primer. I taped everything...

After the first coat of sealer/primer:

Floor got a second coat - walls only get one coat.

Tomorrow the actual paint gets put on. The floor and ramp will be painted "Battleship Gray" (slate gray) and the walls a neutral beige/cream color. Its gonna look great. Not to mention with everything being sealed it will last a whole lot longer and make for easy clean up - even if its oil, coolant, etc.
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What about a checkered linolium floor?
I looked into that, but I'm gonna keep it for when/if I get a bigger trailer...say a 8.5x24' with living quarters. :thumbsup:
Patrick Good luck !! We are starting our first year racing next season also in CCS( unlimited grand prix/unlimited superbike . with any luck maybe we will cross paths . We are looking to test sometime this winter in florida . Jake

I'd LOVE to race CCS or some other regional series, but I simply don't have the money to do so. I could get the bike prepped to how I like it, then I'd have no money left for travel, entry, tires, etc. :crackup::crackup::crackup:
Pictures from today's progress.

It was too cold to paint this morning (paint won't set properly) so I couldn't get started until noon. I quickly brushed in the edges and got the first layer on. It recommends at least a 4 hour dry time for best adhesion, so the second layer can't go on until 5:15 - which is not only dark then, but cold. So the second coat gets put on tomorrow. Then the floor gets coated Battleship Gray.

The color is like a beige/cream color. Don't know how it looks on here - pictures were taken with my Blackberry Storm phone.

Then the entire walls got done...

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that looks great. Did you consider some of the roll-on bed liner stuff for the floor? It would provide great traction and durability. The kits are only $40.
Yes, I considered it, but decided against it. The bed liner stuff works great until something is constantly chafed against it, such as a kickstand, etc. Not to mention pretty much all the newer kits have the non-skid stuff built in. I don't want non-skid.

The floor coating I'm using will make for no maintenance and even easier pick up. Even if I spill something thats normally extremely messy, such as oil or coolant, a paper towel will pick it up and it will NOT stain, discolor, or soak into the floor! :thumbsup:
some kind of garage floor epoxy?
I'm not using one of those high $$$ epoxy systems, such as U-Coat-It, that require a chemical cleaning ,etc. The sealer I am using completely seals the wood to help prevent rot, decay, stains, etc. Its also a primer. I used a coat on the thin Luan walls and two coats on the floor, where all the spills are likely to occur.

Its a high grade garage floor paint, just not an epoxy. Between two coats of it and two coats of sealer, the thing should be pretty tough! :eek:ccasion1
I bought a 14' X 6' not too long ago. Will be fixing it up as time permits.

I kinda like the wood look, but curious to see how yours turns out.
I liked the wood look as well, but I wouldn't go back even if I could!!! With the paint the trailer has A TON more light inside of it, and it is A LOT easier to see things. It helps tremendously and I only have one coat on at the moment, much less when I get the second coat on. It will be worth its weight in gold just in terms of light.

Not to mention it won't stain like the untreated wood did. Look at the bad stains in my original post!
Pictures from todays progress.

In the morning I got the second coat on the walls. After that dried up I moved to the floor and got the first coat of floor coating done. Second layer goes on tomorrow. Then all I have to do is move all my stuff back in and its done!

After the second coat:

After the first coat on the floor:

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