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Getting serious about racing...

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Bought a 6x12 enclosed trailer last Sunday. Kept it at a coworkers house all week due to the hectic work week, then brought it home and went to town on it.

When I brought it back on Tuesday.

As of early Saturday:

My dad used a chemical I specifically told him NO before I left. When I got back, it looked like this. It cleaned it, but ate through the paint and all.

Then I took off every single sticker.

Pics after buffing/wax/cleaning to come.


Part 2

My dad's fuck up alot less noticeable now, but will still need fixing. :(


My thoughts on the subject:

In the before pics the door looked cleaner - now it looks dirtier (haven't buffed it yet):

All the shit that came off of the trailer:

I don't have any pics yet, but now its all hand-buffed clean. Tomorrow morning I am going to finish buff it as well as wax it.

I have a trip to the track this weekend - then its game on once I get back:

*Coat floors
*Paint walls
*Build custom cabinet/toolbox/storage in the front
*Minor overhaul (refresh, recondition, etc)

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Nice lookin chocks. What brand are they? Look cheap and functional. :)
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