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Two older men are sitting on a park bench talking when one of them asks the other about his sex life. The man says that he has an excellent sex life and is still very active in the sack.

The other man confesses that his sexual appetite has greatly diminished with old age, so he asks the other man if he has any secrets for staying sexually vital.

"Well," the man answers, "I eat rye bread everyday. If you just eat rye bread, your sex life will improve dramatically."

The other man decides to follow this advice and finds a bakery nearby. He tells the clerk behind the counter that he wants all of the loaves of rye bread that they have in stock.

The clerk then asks the man, "Do you want whole loaves or do you want us to slice them?"

The man looks puzzled and asks the clerk, "What’s the difference?"

The clerk responds, "Well, when it's sliced, it gets harder faster."

To which the man responds, "How come everyone knows about this but me?"
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