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Hey guys,
I’ve been MIA for a while. I had a 2012 10R with Guhl Flash, Slip-on, Air Filter and other minor stuffs years ago. Sold the bike back in the 2015 and stopped riding since then. I miss it a lot and planning to get a Gen5 within a week or two from now.
I want to keep the bike mostly stock this time, my only mod I’ll do to it is the Slip-on (louder sound so people won’t run me over and possibly save some weight).
My question for you guys is: do I need to get my bike tune/reflash with just the slip on (Regular Slip-on vs Cat Eliminate Slip-on)??? I’m trying to not mess around with ECU/Tuning due to the warranty of the new bike, plus stock power of the 10R never disappointed me.
I did quick search but got different answers so I’m still confused. My bad if this question been asked before. Feel free to link me to the right thread. This is what happened when ur out of the bike game for too long lol.
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