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Gen5 questions

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Long story short: Former racer with injured wrists/hands and can not reliably work a clutch for any length of time.

I am looking at a point where I may be able to swing my leg over a bike again but would need a machine that was true clutchless up/down shifting. I know that all the Gen5s are ride-by-wire but do all of them have the autoblipper for clutchless downshifts or is that only certain years?

Also, I raced a ZX6R. Assuming proper geometry, how much more effort does the ZX10 take for initiating corners? Generally throwing it around, etc...

Thanks in advance for any info/advice.
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16-18 ZX10R only has upshift, if flashed can have downshift as well
17-20 RR have both
18 SE have both
19-20 ZX10R have both
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Thanks to both of you, I appreciate your feedback.

Any thoughts on the effort it takes to muscle the bike around?
That depends a lot on how big are you. Im a shorter rider, so manually moving the bike is a hassle every time. I have to plan accordingly when I park it.
Its worst when it has a full tank, the center of gravity moves a lot higher....
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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