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Gen5 questions

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Long story short: Former racer with injured wrists/hands and can not reliably work a clutch for any length of time.

I am looking at a point where I may be able to swing my leg over a bike again but would need a machine that was true clutchless up/down shifting. I know that all the Gen5s are ride-by-wire but do all of them have the autoblipper for clutchless downshifts or is that only certain years?

Also, I raced a ZX6R. Assuming proper geometry, how much more effort does the ZX10 take for initiating corners? Generally throwing it around, etc...

Thanks in advance for any info/advice.
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With the right suspension, geometry, and tire setup, transitions through chicanes, constant and decreasing radius turns, cambered and off cambered, the ZX10R will handle with the best of them. I actually feel this bike handles with less effort compared to my recently sold 2012 Aprilia RSV4 aPRC with full Ohlins/Brembo components. Mine was sold to me with KTECH 25 mm internals front forks and a KTECH DDS shock. Brembo RCS 19 MC was added to the system as well. And…it has GOBS of power!
My ECU was flashed with the Woolich software and autoblip on downshifts and not QS. I’d love to have it reflashed for QS on downshifts (backshift for all you GP pattern shifters out there).
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