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Gen5 questions

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Long story short: Former racer with injured wrists/hands and can not reliably work a clutch for any length of time.

I am looking at a point where I may be able to swing my leg over a bike again but would need a machine that was true clutchless up/down shifting. I know that all the Gen5s are ride-by-wire but do all of them have the autoblipper for clutchless downshifts or is that only certain years?

Also, I raced a ZX6R. Assuming proper geometry, how much more effort does the ZX10 take for initiating corners? Generally throwing it around, etc...

Thanks in advance for any info/advice.
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Thanks to both of you, I appreciate your feedback.

Any thoughts on the effort it takes to muscle the bike around?

I also came from ZX6R's and in my opinion the ZX10R is actually a lot easier to initiate turns at race/advanced pace. I struggled massively with front end chatter issues on my ZX6R, I went every which way with geometry and although I found a "sweet spot" it was never as good as i wanted it.. I hopped on a friends bike and was immediately amazed at how the bike didn't chatter and how easy it was to actually toss around.

There are some physics stuff that comes in to play as far as gyroscopic effects of the crank and the bike being slightly heavier, but all in all, the Gen 5 ZX10R is a dream to ride compared to my 09-12 ZX6R's.
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